Angelina Parker, a normal teenager is not at all satisfied with her life. The main reason being that she had no mother which made her grieve. The death was not a tragic death at all but a suicide. Mrs. Jennifer Parker gave up her life and the most surprising thing is that nobody ever came to know the reason for it. Angelina never shows her pain to anyone but on the sly, she sheds buckets of tears. Of course she had her father but she could not gain that love under him that she required or at least desired for. Her sobbing life changes when she meets her new young teacher, Mr. Richard Dawson and falls in love with him. She had such feelings for the first time for anyone but she could not reveal it because of the restrictions imposed in the school as well as the society. In addition to that there comes another character in her life who tries to destroy her love dreams. This story can be called as romantic love story as well as a horror love story since it contains ghastly creatures in it. But what will happen in the end? Will Angelina be able to gain her love or will her love story remain unfinished like Romeo and Juliet? Read to find out……..
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Hey I just wanna know what is the name if the song on the trailer and who is it sung by?
@RayneLovesBlakk Don't just read the story, understand it. Then, I'm sure you will be able to understand this prologue too.
@RayneLovesBlakk if you can understand a story well, then only you become a good reader. So, i don't think my prologue was at all confusing.
To short but I liked. Also your cover is really good as well. ^^ You have a vote
I don't really like the teacher-student relationship thing either, so I'm not really into this :S Sorry!
Its really good but there are small grammar mistakes but nothing too big. The start was casual yet interesting :) Good job!

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