No One Said It Would Be Easy (The Wanted Fan Fiction)

*Previously known as “Taking Chances”* “Do you know how hard it is to wake up and face reality? To see that your brother's normally messy bed is now made up? To know that the words he spoke to me before he left might be his last? To realize that he could possibly never come home? I wake up every day scared; not scared for my life, but for his. I just wish life would come with a manual for this, or at least be a little less hard,” I confessed to him. Jay just chuckled and said, “No one said it would be easy.” – While Ivory O’Conner’s older brother Austin is deployed in Iraq, she feels more alone than ever. The only person she could ever rely on is now on the other side of the world. When things go from bad to worse, she moves from America to London to live with her old best friend that she hadn’t spoken to in two years. Her old best friend, Rose Pearson, happens to be obsessed with a certain British boy band called The Wanted. Could a concert and a meet-and-greet change everything? Could meeting a certain curly-haired member of The Wanted flip Ivory's life around?
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@RelentlessChaos That's what I meant and yes, I love her more than life itself xx
I can so relate to Ivory! I hate most people too and I'm extremely short tempered ^-^
Oh my god, you picked LIGHTS to play Rosie. I love that woman so much it hurts xx
@RelentlessChaos awesome! I love the wanted! but I'm in school right now, in home economics, on wattpad
@RelentlessChaos Yeah you should, maybe if you could get more readers, you could enter! I bet it would be good, as I love it so far! and thanks love!
@RelentlessChaos Ok, well maybe you should try! Thanks so much, could you give me some feed back, as I want to improve on my writing skills

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