Unexpected World Of Love

Natalie was a loveless person although she had everything that girls wanted. Her mother had no guts to care her since she was little. Her relatives even not had loved her because she didn’t know them. Only her step-father treated her as a child but not exactly. She was the only child and yet they were rich but she live as a normal sweet girl with a humbled and good attitude. Her friend was the only one she treasured since that they showed to her how important she was. But one accident happened that changed her life miserable. As she entered her college life, a huge and unexpected revelation came to her whole life, and into her first experience to love. Find out as you read every chapter.
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OMG.. I love this story... And about Natalie? she seems so sweet. You portray her so well.. =)) voted.. <3
Seen your story for quite a while but never try it but now I'm glad. This is really good. I'm excited to read another chapter. :)
This first chapter is really good and i love your details that you put for your charactors feelings!
This is a great start! I really got a feel for your characters from the get go! :) Good job! :)
this is a really good start :) I will read the list later but its added to my reading list and voted, good job x
The first paragraph was the best. A different setting than just the cliche ones.

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