The Knight Of Gold

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_OmniChris By _OmniChris Updated 2 years ago
Lose yourself in this classic action fantasy.  The Knight Of Gold is an absorbing and exhilarating tale that you will grow to love.  Whether you are new to fantasy or a die-hard fan, this book is a richly rewarding experience.
yimanw yimanw 2 years ago
hey! prologue that is actually a prologue!  well done.

Its pretty obvious you are a real writer.
The description is vivid and I specially liked your vocabulary, in fact I learned quite a new words. 

I am not a grammar freak so I think your English was good,
Ravelin Ravelin 2 years ago
I love the story, love the cover. I meant it! My only negative comment is - want a little more description about the country, because I keep imagining Sparta and Ancient Rome when reading.... but that's not it, right?
bastille bastille 2 years ago
That was so good! It left the reader wanting more, which is always good. Your vocabulary and grammar was great. The way you wrote it made it seem like you were actually in that time period. (:
sophiavixx sophiavixx 2 years ago
Your book is really good! Good writing, no spelling mistakes, decent story line. Eventhough it's not the kind of book i'd read I understand is others would gladly read it. kepp on!