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*Currently Editing* Emma was just an average ordinary girl, or so she is led to believe. One day Emma is caught in a web, and needs to find out what this all really means. She looks for and turns to those close at hand only to be challenged. Even by her own best friend! She knows naught what lies ahead but she will try and figure it out before it's too late. Will she be able to change the world or will the truth change her?
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haha i thought trains used to be jet black? this chapter was even better than the previous one, voted :)
interesting.makes we wonder what secret Rex and Tracie are hiding from emma. ^_^
Your writing style is amazing ! :) Definitely going to carry on reading ! V O T E D =]
I like it. Some more detail maybe? Camatose Dreaming http://www.wattpad.com/story/1750127-alter-ego
Your story is in the 3rd person pronoun? I like d 3rd person pronoun so baby dont change it bcuz i LUV it. Voted and off to d next chapter.
so interesting, you have great writing skills, and im looking forward to reading the next chapter

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