Broken: A Kakashi Love Story: Part One-

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CloudedSkies By CloudedSkies Updated 2 years ago
Part One: Kakashi is assigned to guard Princess Emma, an extremely powerful fairy that lives in another realm. Problem? She's only six and a major pain in the arse.
Drakonflyblu14 Drakonflyblu14 a month ago
that's my little sister with me and my boyfriend, snd her name is also Emmah! except with an H
abbehlulu abbehlulu 3 years ago
:) yay i like it! kakashi kinda sounds like a creeper in the beginning xD
FunKit FunKit 3 years ago
So cute, I feel bad for Kakashi but I think he'll start to like her, or just know how to deal with her, after a little while. This is super Cute! X3
BluePringlez BluePringlez 3 years ago
Aw! :DD


My favorite saying c:

Upload soon! C: :DD
Hit_It_Bitch Hit_It_Bitch 3 years ago
Arr I think kakashi might worm up to Emma after a bit. Anyway up load soon I want to know what happens
Pikuto Pikuto 3 years ago
This is very interesting I feel so sorry for Kakashi.  I think Hawkpath is right.