Wondering gets you nowhere. However, action that may just bring you exactly where you wanted to go. But, honestly, the undiscovered isn't always something worth uncovering. The reason it is still unknown may just happen to be because no one actually wants to discover it. The human mind is too curious to leave things untouched, though. They push forward until nothing is left to question--until they wish they would have just stayed at home and left the undiscovered to their imaginations rather than bring it to their reality. Juliana Art is young, ambitious, curious, headstrong, and determined. Since she was a little girl, Julie has been investigating the mysteries of the world. Recently, she has been interning at the local police station, and Julie started to dig too deeply into some of the recently occurring crimes and has been connecting them to past investigations. Something didn't make sense, though, and Juliana's curiosity drove her determination to uncover the secrets, lies, and mysteries of these crimes. However, she learns quickly that some things shouldnn't be uncovered.
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This is a really original start up for a Vampire story. Good job :) Will there be more chapters up?
@fantasy343 No problem(: And oh yeah, I understand now :D And ofc not (: It was good with a nice twist(:
Oh 1 more thing its definately worth continuing bdw what is exactly juliana in this story I mean a particular career or something...i can be dumb at times lol

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