Fed up with his girlfriend's needy best friend intervening on their relationship, Luke calls in the help of his womanizing friend to charm her. Too bad nothing works on Miranda Miller.
glitterydreamx glitterydreamx 3 days ago
i feel like miranda and carly is dating and luke is the third wheel
nyda_kimmy nyda_kimmy 11 days ago
OH MY GOD!! Anybody remember ICarly? The main characters name is Carly and the real actors name is Miranda. Hahaha XD I'm dying
loveyoumeanit loveyoumeanit 23 days ago
I remember having that conversation with my best friends boyfriend...
timetodance timetodance a month ago
Is Carly and Miranda secretly having some sort of romantic relationship? Because they're both being oddly harsh and unjust with the guy.
Me! I need to reread her name a couple of times before realizing it's not Miranda sings
Fuzzy_Dreamer Fuzzy_Dreamer 2 months ago
I don't know why but this reminds me about icarly and Miranda is Sam...... yeah? yeah? no?....Okay.