The Third Wheel

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Shadypalmtree By Shadypalmtree Updated 2 years ago
Fed up with his girlfriend's needy best friend intervening on their relationship, Luke calls in the help of his womanizing friend to charm her. Too bad nothing works on Miranda Miller.
Me! I need to reread her name a couple of times before realizing it's not Miranda sings
Fuzzy_Dreamer Fuzzy_Dreamer 24 days ago
I don't know why but this reminds me about icarly and Miranda is Sam...... yeah? yeah? no?....Okay.
Neena2 Neena2 2 months ago
Exactly and if you are let them do there thing, just look away or Pretend to go to the bathroom!
JustAnotherSmile JustAnotherSmile 2 months ago
I would say that, however I would then turn back to the nice person I am. I will warn them giving them
The chance to prove me wrong :)
soulqween soulqween 2 months ago
She's doing the most,  her friend is insufferable. Her bf is unhappy and she doesn't even care 
b00mshakalaka b00mshakalaka 3 months ago
I've started reading this for the third time. I really love this