The Third Wheel

Fed up with his girlfriend's needy best friend intervening on their relationship, Luke calls in the help of his womanizing friend to charm her. Too bad nothing works on Miranda Miller.
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i think Miranda is just very lonely , but she needs to see that Carly is happy with Luke; /
Nothing like a perfect belch to ruin a sweet moment !!!!*bending over with laughter*
Lol, my name is Miranda. And I swear everytime I hear "Amanda" I hear Miranda! No wonder Damien said Amanda!
woaaaaaah gurl stop being so psycho!! Its not like carly belongs to you or some shit
Miranda seems like the kind of person that is really complicated and distant. Nice start :)
ugh she sounds disgusting .-. Miranda makes me want to kill her. Just let Carly and Luke be together! sheesh :)

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