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CarrotCakeMonster By CarrotCakeMonster Updated 2 years ago
Louis and Louise.

They hate each other.

They annoy each other.

They can't stand each other.

But they still managed to fell in love.

But, wil they ever last? Can they really fight for each other?

What if in one blink, their love will all go down to the drain.
Chloe_Love_1D Chloe_Love_1D 3 years ago
@CarrotCakeMonster don't say that! I.HATE.HIM.But my friend thinks he likes me. Again. He asked me out on 6th brade but I said no. Sobbed began real mean to me :/ we use to be best friend...
Chloe_Love_1D Chloe_Love_1D 3 years ago
It reminds me of how this guy and me keep fighting and arguing.  But its his faulty he always starts! : p between I love this :)
ciely_1D ciely_1D 3 years ago
@CarrotCakeMonster and , @ItsJust_Arcie is the only one who's birthday is not in the month of july (i thought you might want to know )  :)
arciecrisostomo arciecrisostomo 3 years ago
Ohhh... I get it now @CarrotCakeMonster ... BTW I love your story!!!
ciely_1D ciely_1D 3 years ago
@CarrotCakeMonster i was wondering why did you use louise Jylette in this story and the girl version of one direction story?(just wanted to know) :)
ciely_1D ciely_1D 3 years ago
@CarrotCakeMonster yup,he's awesome and @TheBooBearQueen is the louise i was talking about :)