Please, (Don't) Go Away? ~ ( One Direction / Zayn )

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Meet Rebecca Hughes, a girl that if she liked it or not, somehow  managed to see HIM every time. What is the last thing she wished for. But when there's a little surprise for her, she isn't sure of the feeling anymore. Or does she still hates him with every bone of her body?
bxtchuguessin bxtchuguessin a year ago
How come u changed it from the trailer for this book... The trailer was really different
Babii_Smurf11 Babii_Smurf11 2 years ago
damnn zayn was bogus. lmfao
bt julia is right. The past is the past. Forgive, but nver 4get.
Mofo_69 Mofo_69 3 years ago
Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz update it it's really good
JoskeLoveJben1D JoskeLoveJben1D 3 years ago
I love it!!! <33 you write really amazing stories!!! :D 
Upload soon ;)
Directioner_NL Directioner_NL 3 years ago
@1dmilkshakes hahaha, I'll try if it works for me too :D Xx ♥
Ibtissamtje Ibtissamtje 3 years ago
1st comment on this story!! Yaaaay!! I like this start, uplaod soon :D xoxo