Please, (Don't) Go Away? ~ ( One Direction / Zayn )

Meet Rebecca Hughes, a girl that if she liked it or not, somehow managed to see HIM every time. What is the last thing she wished for. But when there's a little surprise for her, she isn't sure of the feeling anymore. Or does she still hates him with every bone of her body?
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If you replaced Zayn and One Direction with some made up people I bet you could publish this
How come u changed it from the trailer for this book... The trailer was really different
damnn zayn was bogus. lmfao
bt julia is right. The past is the past. Forgive, but nver 4get.
oooo! Zaynie! You better get away from Rebecca! She's gonna cut you up! 
Wuv the story!
I love this AmaZayn story! Leanne, you are such a talented writer! I can't even write half as good as you! Keep up the wonderful work!
awww PLease Upload and Zayn is just stupid and a freak * rambales about bad things about him for an hour*
Hey do his POV!11!! PLease :) * puppy dog eyes*

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