Stealing The Show (Such Sweet Sorrow Trilogy, Book One)

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Baker Lawley By Baker Lawley Completed
Lewis Champion is in love--total, hopeless, unrequited love--with Jubilee Marshfield. Which is complicated, because she's his best friend.

And even though his other best friend Shoe, and his awesome grandfather, Paps, are both rooting for him, Lewis can't get up the courage to tell her how he feels. He's always been a wallflower, watching people and making theories rather than acting on his feelings.

In a last-ditch effort for her affection, Lewis acts in a play alongside his two friends, and he discovers a talent hidden within himself.

But when Paps suddenly dies and leaves in his will a most mysterious task for Lewis, he must find a way to follow through. And along the way, he discovers the secrets of stories, the courage to say what he feels, and a whole new meaning to the word "acting."

The only question is, will his best friend feel the same way, or will he lose her when he tells her?

Baker Lawley, the award-winning author of THE BATTLE HYMN BLUES, spins a tale of love, drama, and friendship and a good old-fashioned road trip along the way. STEALING THE SHOW is a fun ride on the meaning of acting and the way stories and plays help us make sense of the things we act on.
Oh my gosh when I read this I thought 'you and yo d@mn theories boy!'
You got that right. We also majored in fabulous in college ;)
Well, the meaning of life is different for different people. A lot of it is based on religion. I'm a Christian (Southern Baptist) so I have two things. 1.) Go forth and Multiply and 2.) impact someone else's life with your own.
@whoneedsthegreenbox It really is even though a lot of people don't understand :(
Oh to have such memories. I remember nothing of my grandfather
Love: the literal definition originally meant "a will to protect and cherish" but seriously everyone changes it.