Chemistry [One Direction: Harry Styles Romance]

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When Fawn moves from New York City to London, the last thing she expects is to meet the famous One Direction. She expects even less for them to become friends with the members of the band, including the two boys that go to her new school, Trinity Academy: Niall Horan and Harry Styles. When things start to go against Fawn's expectations, she finds herself slowly falling for the heart-breaker Harry Styles. But will Harry use her just like he uses every other girl?
Yeah.... They don't exactly say love in their interviews....
babe. Babe. BAbe. BABe. BABE. BABE!!!!! I got so distracted 
except Jasper witch is Weird cuz my friend his name is Jasper 
Jasper needs to back dafuq off and I think Harry is going to beat him up.. Lol sorry if this is rlly late.... I just recently started going on Wattpad and I am LOVING this one
I have this gym teacher in my school. He says "hm" every time he talks. He can't control it tho   it's like "hello, hm"
*Harry*You heard Fawn you a****** gt your hands off the girl. *jasper doesnt stop and harry proceeds to tackle him*
                                    I think that Harry might be a bit of a player too.