Chemistry [One Direction: Harry Styles Romance]

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DoubleRainbows55 By DoubleRainbows55 Updated 8 months ago
When Fawn moves from New York City to London, the last thing she expects is to meet the famous One Direction. She expects even less for them to become friends with the members of the band, including the two boys that go to her new school, Trinity Academy: Niall Horan and Harry Styles. When things start to go against Fawn's expectations, she finds herself slowly falling for the heart-breaker Harry Styles. But will Harry use her just like he uses every other girl?
AmberGrace2 AmberGrace2 a month ago
why of course!*formal voice*
MOTHERFRIGGIN HELL YEAH!!!!! *how we talk xD*
Bland_Teen Bland_Teen 2 months ago could you get her name mixed up with mine, Jirah? they sound nothing alike. Haha ha ha....*holds out knife*
AlmostBritishxx AlmostBritishxx 2 months ago
Haha I get it you took out the n in one and replaced it with pposit lol
Najai0121 Najai0121 3 months ago
You better hold on to your candy or he owes you more..I'd make him get me more......harreh
emmybo2001 emmybo2001 3 months ago
What happens when they aren't ready? 'No, I'm sorry, I just can't possibly be your friend I'm just not ready....' I'm glad he is randy though
Leona_Horanx Leona_Horanx 4 months ago
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