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Love knows no bounds. Can love heal the scars of the past. Melissa has been though so much in her life, her past is marked in red. Can a group of men heal her heart and make her whole again or will her past be to much making her run to protect the people she loves.
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I like the concept but I think it needs some serious editing. Still interesting though.
hey do you need help editing? let me know and id be willing tp help. the format is rough but the content is good.
@Grace9801 Its Called You need to be polite and not a jerk -_- so Cry me a river , Build me a bridge , and GET OVER IT
i think it is awsome and i think u should keep going!!! i can edit for you if you would like me to and i will do it for free!!
my cousin is right it got my attention but yeh grammer needs work, love it so far.. keep up the good work:)
Its not to bad bt the grammar stinks i had a hard time reading it you know??? FYI GRAMMAR CHECK

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