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Slenderman, Laughing Jack, BEN Drowned, Sally, Jeff, Zalgo, Eyeless Jack, Smile dog
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can kill with one touch but prefers it to be painful death when she kills, she can float, when she's angry her eyes turn completely black and she can control your every move
her scythe. it holds her powers and was a gift from her dead love
usually keeps her cool,  sometimes rude, quiet, loner, mysterious, prankster, annoying
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bítchy but sometimes nice, artistic (sometimes saves peiples blood to use as paint. lile the bloody painter), funny, annoying, mysterious, easily angered and will kill you if you anger her no matter what
Her brother went missing the day after he (accidently) gave her the wrong jack in the box while the clown in the j-i-t-b had knives that stabbed her eyes (yes,both of them) out while she was crying black tears