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Tashana Spencer By Momoka_Sendou Completed
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Glitch's real name is Ashlin, she loved to play video games all the time. She finally her birthday came (she was turning 13) and it was a pool party. One of her friends then tried to drown her, she tried to cover it up but failed to. And now she tries to get her revenge. But can not
Dark brown hair, pitch black eyes with green pupil, knee high converse, black leggings, plain grey t-shirt
Moving  electronics (wires, TVs, PCs, gaming consoles, phones, remotes)
Glitch is really good friends with Ben and has a crush on him but she thinks they should just be friends
Playing video games, scaring people, meditating (because she's a virus and she needs to charge herself, she can't sleep so she meditates), haunting buildings
Since Glitch is a virus, she's afraid someone will be shut down