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Was very lonely, no friends until one day, a human had saw him but he was in his human form so when the human got close, Deep inside, Something pierced his heart so he turned around really fast and swung, the humans head when so far up,Then that's when slendy found him...
Parkouring,Really Fast,Smart,and can Disappear in the shadows like an assassain
Killing,Practicing with his Bow Called "Mystic" and his Axe called " Jupiter, Eating waffles!
His past of when he was born as a Freakin Powerful Monster,Knifes! and His Hoods!
Humans,Slendy,Jane,His Enemy( Another Creepypasta I made called Ice Shadow),Beans and Beef stew, Country,Rock,And Hip Hop music,When he plays FNAF and gets Jumpscared,
Loves Clockwork, battles Toby and Jeff for practice, Hides behind most things when Slendy,Hoodie,Masky,Ben,And Sally are around