Can You Take My Picture?

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_Yami970 By _Yami970 Updated 3 years ago
A young woman starts losing hope of a future as the people around her die from the aftermath of a epic war, but the words of a loved one and a camera, may change her persepective.
takanorikarlyn takanorikarlyn 3 years ago
the story mainly revolved around the difference of perspective in front of and behind the lenses, but this is what made the story link together. good job and well done. could be expanded into a novel too!
123Food4Me 123Food4Me 3 years ago
This is a great story. It has a different concept which I love. :D
ViragoMonroe ViragoMonroe 3 years ago
It's not really my type of genre but that doesn't mean that is wasn't good.I like it because it's original, the plot is very original, never really seen something out there like that.
Amarath Amarath 3 years ago
Nice. Yet, after recently reading a thriller, I have to ask: Is the camera an instrument of death?
AlyssaCraven AlyssaCraven 3 years ago
This is Fantastic!
I really enjoyed reading it :)
Makes me want to
This was great, keep up the good work (:
Rainyday1209 Rainyday1209 3 years ago
6 reads? 6 READS! That is all there is for this magnificent piece of writing here! This is beautiful, there were no mistakes, and I love the whole idea behind it! It's amazing, I love love love it!