The New Witch in Town...

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_SexyMuffin64 By _SexyMuffin64 Updated 2 years ago
She was there for one reason, and one reason only. To save them and recieve freedom. Because of her ancestors mess ups, Raven Jefferson has to be part of the clean-up crew who goes around fixing up the messes they caused. 19 towns done, and 1 left. The home town of her Ancestor, Ray-Ann Jefferson. The reason the town is what it is today. The reason why she can't have freedom. The reason why she's stuck doing the biddings of The Counsel. The reason she's bound forever, until her soul-mate comes and helps her save the town. The only hard part of her journey is that she is never allowed to make the first move. That's why she only has one moral "If you want to save yourself, you have to save other first."
Polarberry Polarberry 3 years ago
@SexyMuffin64 wow! I liked it the real "mysterious" way u wrote it until now ^-^ keep going 'cause it's great =)
iam_bre iam_bre 3 years ago
i love the way that you describe her its really interesting and i love the personality that you gave to her cat/familiar Zero oooohhh
juliapearlmeg juliapearlmeg 3 years ago
When I read that Zero was a "he" I thought he would become a love interest. But now, I wanna know who Raven bumped into! Haha. ((:
juliapearlmeg juliapearlmeg 3 years ago
I don't know why, but while I was reading, I was wondering about her parents... If they were both witches and if they knew their daughter would have to go through all this... Pretty good so far. ((:
raw-eyes raw-eyes 3 years ago
I loooved this! The plot is original and fresh! This was a great start and the ending was perfect! I can really see this becoming a published book one day. :D Good job!
simmcha1 simmcha1 3 years ago
Great job, such good imagery. The way you described her and the two was perfect and really captured my interest. Good punctuation and spelling, flowed very well.

1) in the sentence "But Mama Never raised no fool---" did you mean o capitalize Mama and never?