Kakashi in Love?!?!

Micky is a transfer ninja from the Village Hidden in the Mist. Her team died in front of her. It would haunt her forever. Will a sliver hair masked joinin make it better? Or will he be to scared to admit it?
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Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Sasuke isn't in this one so the story is lacking the duckbutt emo uchiha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is this thing going to start at the beginning of the naruto series or not because sasu-gay isn't there
I didn't realise they were sixteen. From the sound of EVERYTHING. They only seem to be about twelve or thirteen.
;[]; //LE SOBB
Even though she's a ninja, she's pretty emotional.. Oh well, more people should be like her!
heyyyyy lol man,im sad now u left me wit a cliffhanger n stuff lmao jk im not im excited to read the rest of this
What?! Where's the next chapter!!! No!!! Anyways nice chapy but you spelled sensi when it's sensei. But other than that great job!!

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