Collection of Cute Short Love Stories

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MyNameIsHyper By MyNameIsHyper Updated 2 years ago
Just what the title says- Short Love Stories!
awwwww <3 thats perfect , please write more ,i read all three stories and i loved every sentence in every story.
Aww that was the cutest. I have to ask find this happen to you before of did you make this up? Either way I loved it I would love to read more if you have something else?
@MyNameIsHyper Whoo~ :3 I must be over thinking some stuff. XD But still, in my place, having your first kiss at the age of 15 is still surprising. What's normal to us is having our first kiss when we're 20 and above. :3
We are really similar :). The Only Difference is taht I'm 13, soon 14 :p
That's.... Weird... I'm 14 and I don't have my first kiss yet.... And I don't want to... And it's mot pathetic... I don't even have a boyfriend! Wth? romance really isn't my thing o-o Believe me xD My sister is a hopeless romantic and sometimes it's awkward and gross listening to her go all romantic when a couple passes by xD Haha :P But I have to admit, this was pretty cute :)