What if you had no choice? What if your path, your life, was selected for you at birth? Ismay Telles knows this better than most. She is Wordless, she has never, nor will ever speak. Her entire life has revolved around the one choice, the choice she did not make. After the past government decided to create a utopia, where everyone was happy and held an important place, they created the ten Branches. The brave Defenders, the noble Leaders, the monk-like Wordless, the kind Healers, the nurturing Care-Givers, the wise Peace-Bringers, the intelligent Selectors, the hard-working Inferiors, the smart Knowedgeables, and lastly the rebellious Instigators. No one knows why they decided to add a Branch that would indefienitly be the end of the world they had so carefully constructed, no one thought about it, after all they were so incredibly rare. But society better watch out, an Instigator is about to rise, and with it, they will raise hell. (This is dedicated to Kira, (SweetSeaWater) the real Azuria)
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@PrettyGirlNerd Lol we're opposites than. :p Have you been able to check out my story yet?
@PrettyGirlNerd ohhh lol thats why probably why. I'm more of a romantic than anything else. :3
@PrettyGirlNerd ohh really? I've had friends tell me the second has more romance in it.
@PrettyGirlNerd I love the Hunger Games hehe. Even though I've only read the first book.

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