The Girl Who Restored My Humanity Sequel (A Vampire Diaries FanFiction)

After dealing with the tomb vampires in Mystic Falls, Ally and all of her friends finally feel things can go back to normal. But when Katherine returns and causes more trouble, Ally and her best friends must find out why she's returned and what she wants. And as Ally and Damon's 'friendship' starts to get even more intense and passionate, will they stay together or will they fall apart? And who will survive?
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WHAT???? Katherine turn ally NOOO well at least she can live forever with damon right
If Damon were there he would say something like. 

" you might risk another frown line " 

I know it sounds messed up but when I read that the first thing I thought was


Lol ☺️
Yayyyyyy I'm soo freaking excited to read this!!! The first story was amazing! I couldn't  stop reading it lol
Katherine is horriable. i feel sorry for ally but i really like this chapter.
Can you upload I can't wait any longer. Damon and ally are perfect for each other

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