Once In A Lifetime Opportunity [Harry Styles Fanfiction]

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Jennifer M. By JMMbookworm Updated 2 years ago
Isabella O'Connel. 19 years old from USA. She lives a normal life, until her best friend, Alana, enters her on a One Direction Contest. And the contest prize is that she'll tour with them for the next 15 months. Quite the dream all One Direction fans want to live. But even when she finally accepts the prize, she 's doubtful of her decision. She was living in a dream, but dreams can also turn to nightmares in a flash right? Will life with them be as fun, crazy and awesome as everyone think it is? And what happens when she falls for one of them? Will he feel the same way or will he treat her the same way as many of other past women? Keep reading to know ;)
    A/N: This is just fan fiction! Meaning it is not real! This is just for pure fun. Keep reading the story and enjoy! :D ^^
Paul Higgins is their Tour Manager but i dont know their real manager (paul is also their bodyguard if you didnt know that) xx
omg! just reading this im going to go fangirl! god i wish that was me.  although if it was me i probably would've fainted and screamed at the same time...................
Oh. My. God. 
                                    Jennifer. Madero. Matus. If you do not update soon I will hit you in the head with a hammer. 
                                    Oh. My. God. 
YES!!! FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE THINKS THE ROMANCE IN THOSE THINGS HAPPENS WAY TOO FAST!!!! Also, if you need to know more about the boys you can check out my fact books. I have one for every boy and one for the band as a whole :D
@rugrats omg when i saw this comment it kinda freaked me out cuz it said "-A" lolol #pll
very intersting, though I'm not a fan of Fan-fictions, very nicely written and done!! : )