Time Jumpers

Note: I realise the concept of people going back and forth in time isn't altogether new, these "time jumpers" aren't like the "time lords" in Doctor Who, in that they go back and forth themselves with no help of technology. The way they "jump" is more like a combination of the way the characters in Jumpers went from place to place combined with the way the wizards in Harry Potter apparated. They do age, however, as long as they spend considerable time jumping between times, they age much much slower. If they stop and spend too much time in once place, they start to age quicker.
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if you continue NOT looking at my stories AND NOT commenting I'm gonna STOP following you AND NOT deticate my story's to you and I have plenty more and if YOU want to read them all go to your profile and btw you didn't "create  this whole darn universe" sorry I'm edgy write now
Why put quotations around Time Lords? I myslef am a Time lady, all the greek gods and a Sailor Guardian! I CREATED this whole darn universe!...
This is really interesting, please continue! I would love to read the next chapter!

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