True Beauty (One Direction: Harry Styles)

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mr_suspenders By mr_suspenders Updated 9 months ago
It's been exactly 2 years ever since Harry Styles broke up with her, but even time couldn't heal the scar left in Alex's heart. Now finally getting back up on her feet, Alexia Davis has lost a total of 35 pounds and is now known as: Noelle Alexandria Spencer... a spunky artificial blondie who models for a various amount of companies. Everything's changed, except for the outraging emotions she still feels towards her ex-boyfriend. With a plan for revenge in one hand, and a secret identity on the other.. Alexia is determined to teach Mr. Styles a lesson he will never forget.
DontJudgeMe4LIFE DontJudgeMe4LIFE a year ago
I was LITERALLY  sobbing when I read this. Its a wonderful book!
alltimeidiots alltimeidiots a year ago
Risible Risible a year ago
oh yh baby! dont ever feel sorry for being yourself you are who you are and NO ONE can change that! if they dont accept you for you then they dont are not your true friend... BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!!!!
Strip_for_me_narry Strip_for_me_narry 2 years ago
It's all really Hugo story so far but you need to update I've been waiting for you to update. I found this story a year ago and it's till not done. But other than that it is perfect
Sabbyology Sabbyology 2 years ago
i may be sorry for a lot of things harry.. but i'll NEVER be sorry for being MYSELF. 
that was a nice line... let me use it sometime..LOL.
itscomplicatedd itscomplicatedd 2 years ago
Please update!!!!! Please please!! I absolutely love this story!!!!! Xx