I'm Back, I Want You Back

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mia_harley By mia_harley Updated 2 years ago
Sophie was a normal girl with the perfect boyfriend Nate, the perfect best friend, Tori and of course, the perfect family, that is until her 18 birthday came in the way. After her birthday, next day, BOOM she was gone. She leaved for good. Nobody knew why.

What would happen if she came back after 3 years? Trying to make things better... it is a bit difficult when you know nothing right? 3 years not only the city changes, but she finds out Nate is with another girl. Drama, humor, romance and fights move us to a single question... Will she win him back?
@xXEmo_GoddessXx maybe the story begins in the middle, and the middle is how the story started, and the rest continues
Confusing. If the next chapter is confusing I'm not reading it anymore. You really need to work on the structure and grammar on this story.
@Cutiefields101 I agree, I had a hard time understanding where the story was going.
A good start.....a little rough around the edges, and needs editing....but I like Sophie and Nate already. I hope they make it.