The 5th Writer Games (A Writing Competition)

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GhostOfTheIceberg By GhostOfTheIceberg Updated 11 months ago
An arena. 24 Wattpad-ers. Life or Death.  In this wattpad version of the hunger games, you get to choose who dies in function of the creativity of their escapes to possibly fatal situations in the arena designed by our very own Head Gamemaker GhostOfTheMagister. (ME!!!!).
Somewhereouthere7 Somewhereouthere7 2 years ago
MamaCelestex3 MamaCelestex3 3 years ago
oh cool, so the captiol and district 13 are going to be in the ''writer games'' as well as the district tributes? and thanks for choosing me!
RedTears RedTears 3 years ago
@Kermit123 woaah awesome!!!! And i love your district token xD
Euphoriatic Euphoriatic 3 years ago
Would you rather I PM you my application for a character, or post it as a comment? I'm new to the whole Writer Games platform... ;;
angellover254 angellover254 3 years ago
@GhostOfTheMagister The name is OneLove, the female character she commented this chapter with :)
angellover254 angellover254 3 years ago
@GhostOfTheMagister so I guess I'm the sis that brought her to the wrong link -_- anyway onelovingsong wants me to tell you she just wants to have one femaile character in ditrict 2 :)