Top five one shots of 10/05/12 turned into mini series of extended stories for the lovely viewers. Short tales of what happened after the one shot events!!! :P
:'( that was sad.... Lets all beat Vexy up for hurting little Teddy's fellings! And lets kill Nick while we're at it!
is there going to be a sequel or a continuation to this. if so please update soon. thank you
I nearly cried!!!! God Nick your such a d*ck !!! And Vector .... I am dissapointed in you!
lol he deserved it for being a dbag if he loves teddy then go for it dont hide it
It was amazing, I feel kind of bad for Teddy and that weird? Like I understand why Vector was hesitate on telling Nick, but Teddy didn't need to over react..but Teddy has been allllllllllllllllll aloneeeeeee! I DON'T KNOW WHO I FEEL WORSE FOR?!:
Uggh!!! Lol he deserved being late. Andddd why'd you stop there?!! It was sooooooooo good!