One Shot Mini Series' (BoyXBoy)

Top five one shots of 10/05/12 turned into mini series of extended stories for the lovely viewers. Short tales of what happened after the one shot events!!! :P
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:'( that was sad.... Lets all beat Vexy up for hurting little Teddy's fellings! And lets kill Nick while we're at it!
is there going to be a sequel or a continuation to this. if so please update soon. thank you
I nearly cried!!!! God Nick your such a d*ck !!! And Vector .... I am dissapointed in you!
lol he deserved it for being a dbag if he loves teddy then go for it dont hide it
Uggh!!! Lol he deserved being late. Andddd why'd you stop there?!! It was sooooooooo good!
Aww man why'd that guy had to come and ruin everything. Vector get your A$$ back to Teddy right now.

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