My Knight in Shining Armor

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_holdontillthenight By _holdontillthenight Updated 3 years ago
Rose is a very shy 17 year old girl. So what happens when Niall saves her from being raped? Will he be able to get her to open up? Will he take her away from her old life and into a much better one? Read and find out!;)
ungloued ungloued 2 years ago
Now I feel special because I'm from Texas too. (; 
But OH MY GOD! This story is absolutely brilliant!!! PLEASE update soooon! <3
BenedicteB_ BenedicteB_ 3 years ago
Oh my god! It's amazing, i feel trully sorry for rose! That bastard Sean, I could kill him! Im going to read all of it right away. Xxx you are a heck of a good writer!
Renisha28 Renisha28 3 years ago
"and I just went flying. Not really flying, though, cause then I would be superwoman." LOL!!! Nice 1!!!
BelWatson BelWatson 3 years ago
Oh gods, Emily! I loved this, your writing is almost impeccable! I just foun this little thing with assholes, it's one word not two. Your narration is sublime! *standing ovation*
1DandABDCbaby 1DandABDCbaby 3 years ago
@holdontillthenight hahah no problem juss make sure yu get a cover so ppl can kno wats it about :)
1DandABDCbaby 1DandABDCbaby 3 years ago
What the heck!! this is so good, I love your metaphores and that part about superwoman! omg this is fantastic!! plz write more :)