Me and the Guy With the TOMS

{A Sadly Written Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction} [seriously this is really badly written so don't read unless you want to scream] Rio Jones always thought of herself as normal. Living in a small town 20 minutes from downtown Charleston, South Carolina, she never thought that anything extraordinary would happen to her. But all that changed one strange day at her shift in the local Journey's store, consisting of ten pairs of TOMS, two of the biggest heart-throbs in the world, and Rio's horrible luck. When she comes face to face with the one and only Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, Rio thinks that it will just be one of those 'Hello, Goodbye' situations. But eventually Rio gets to tour with the boys of One Direction, and from then on, her luck goes from completely unlucky to an emotional roller-coaster. Will she stick around for the ride, or jump off as soon as she gets the chance?
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@improbablyhungry Oh ok I was thinking in terms of British sizes idk if that's right he just said it on a radio interview on bbc radio 1 a while ago
OMG that's where I live! Lol nobody ever has Charleston in their fics. Do you live in Charleston too?
I love this story I need fans can you read harry styles found me sorry I posted this im new
Ah! I live in Charleston so as soon as heard the discripton I was like, no way!!!!! :) Sarah.
Oh my gosh!! The outlets is about 15-20 minutes away from my house!!I never knew SC could be such a famous place. Lol besides the history it's really not
Crongrats for the %100 even though it was obviously ages ago! YOU REALLY DESERVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

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