Just You And Me Curly (Larry)

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_HelenW82 By _HelenW82 Updated 2 years ago
Three isn't always a magic number as Louis learns when he almost loses Harry.
Larry_Lashton Larry_Lashton a year ago
@HelenW82 YES! like peterpan says "you just gotta believe!" and Louis makes a sexy peterpan so eh?;)
Larry_Lashton Larry_Lashton a year ago
aw that was so sweeeeeet! <3 and dont give up on Larry cause if it IS real (probably isnt but eh? it could be) and El is a beard that boys wouldnt want us to give up cause thats what management wants!!! you have to believe <3
Onedirection291200 Onedirection291200 2 years ago
@HelenW82 Oh ok your welcome message me when the updates up for Just You And Me Curly?xx
ZaynStylesMalik ZaynStylesMalik 2 years ago
@HelenW82 I read this almost everyday!! Its just so sweet!! you're a great writer.. talk to me some time :D xxxxxxxxxxx
AwkwardTurtle51 AwkwardTurtle51 2 years ago
That's so sweet! I suppose that's kinda how I really see them. Harry waiting behind while Louis spends time with Eleanor, not realising his love for Harry. So sad :( good book though :) xx
swift_marie swift_marie 2 years ago
awhh for some reason this really got to me! like i got really emotional! I think it's cause thats how I see Lou in real life, like kinda not seeing how he's so focused on El all the time, even tho I don't think she's a bitch or anything, but yeah. Anyways, really good story :)