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Greyson_1D By Greyson_1D Updated 5 months ago
NIALL HORAN LOVE STORY! (Sequel to Stole My Heart)

Niall and Ruby finally are married, but even still, they go through many up's and down's. One of them becomes really sick but will either come out strong in the end? Or will neither survive?

[Completed - December 31st 2012]
love_loveing_1D love_loveing_1D 2 years ago
just saying that its richer for poorer not the other way round but i love these stories! please make another sequel!
Xmusic_to_breatheX Xmusic_to_breatheX 2 years ago
NO ONE VOTE ON THIS STORY ANYMORE IT HAS 69 VOTES!!!!! lnl jk;) forgive me and my dirty ming:)
@Greyson_1D aww :( its ok though! I'm just glad it's going to continue!!! Please put up the next chapter soon :) xx
Oh my goodness I'm sooo glad you're doing a sequel!!!! But you need to hurry up with the next chapter!!! I'm dying with anticipation it's just such a food story I hope it never ends!!! <3
HowAboutNiam HowAboutNiam 3 years ago
i love it its brilliam fablouis !!!! do there come more caracters in the story i would like to pleaseeeee tell me when and what i have to do for it :)
vanessastyles22 vanessastyles22 3 years ago
its starting off good :) hehe.x just became a fan! check out my 1D fan fic? x