Eternally Yours

She lets a stranger rent out her half of the apartment, she knows nothing of him, however, his aroma screams dangers. Follow Alex to the world of hate, love, and trust...what will happen when she shares her apartment with this mysterious man? More so, is he a killer, a rapist???
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if you keep writing you'll get more reads :) its just the matter of keeping stories alive.
so far.... so good. haven't put it down since I started reading. need more!!! :)
WOW DUDE... that was awesome. I think it will happen, that is why she had the dream... like a vision LOL!
love absolutly awsome upload more please ASAP want to read what happens next and love how you put some of his pov and how he came to be her roomie
Amazing that last part was really funnnyyyy. Great but I really want to know who Damien is. ?????? :)
Love ur story but the uploads r slow but idk what to expect or where the story is goin but so far I love it

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