Good girl & Bad boy. Cliché!

Grace is Sweet, simple and way too sarcastic. She doesn't like to be rude to people but, she stands for her friemds and family no matter what. Cameron is Badass, law breaker who doesn’t believe in love and has no intrest in girls whatsoever. ‘Love is perfect waste of time’ he likes to say. You put the cocky badass and the queen of sarcasm together, with some twists and turns..and what have we got? An unforgettable rollercoaster ride full of fun, arguments, fights, laugh riots and much more! This isn’t just any cliché, this is father and mother of all clichés!
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How weird o.0 every book I've read had some connections to each other through the name... and I just finished a book with twins called Cameron and Grace.
Nice book.. I'm not really a fan of any clich`e books but i think you changed my mind.. Tnx for the writing it ... :))
One word: STAGGERING!!

I was attracted by the cover and yes, no regrets clicking it <3
this is my absolute favourite book on watt pad if you printed it i would so buy it!! :D thanks for writing it!!!!
Wow love it read it so many times can you cheek my story out. thank you.
Dude, this cover is on the internet 0_o. You just took it, and made it your title.

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