Our Love is a Secret - a One Direction fan fiction (boyxboy)

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_95Charms By _95Charms Updated 3 years ago
"We don't have to change for others," And Harry was right. Meet Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, two of the members of One Direction. The other three are Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. The five high schoolers go through a rough time managing with the band and trying to do well with their studies. But what gives them more of a hard time is the fact that Harry and Louis are in love. Will Harry and Louis be able to confess to the public that they love each other? Or will their love be a secret forever?
DeathsNextVictim DeathsNextVictim 3 years ago
I love it! i keep on thinking of Louis as this sophisticated glasses geeky band boy lol i dont even know why but thats what i keep envisioning XD
YourSecretLiesHere YourSecretLiesHere 3 years ago
I think that Louis is going to say that he really is dating Eleanor, and Harry will start crying and possibly try to make a move out of jealousy.
ThatKidNiti ThatKidNiti 3 years ago
Aww, this was adorable. But
then Eleanor. Why. Poor Harry D': I hope everything works out though.
And great chapter! :)
TeamLarryStylinson TeamLarryStylinson 3 years ago
I love this! Ive fallen in love! Wait! Is that possible!? Well, it is with this book! Please upload soon!
read_it_or_shut_up read_it_or_shut_up 3 years ago
ooh i like this (; where did you get the picture :D i like it :D xx