Death's Game is an Angel's Test

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_xXShyWriterXx By _xXShyWriterXx Updated 2 years ago
The life I've been living for the last 16 years is a lie. My parents adopted me, and my name is fake to protect who I REALLY am.  Now I'm here in the abandoned District 25 with my more of my own kind. Our objective? The war has raged on for years. It's time to put an end to it. To all the death and destruction in the Circ, and the President of Kelith. I was literally made for this.  I am a Special, fast, brilliant, and beautiful. I am the Leader of my team. I am Angel. This Game that 'Death' is playing is my test, to prove I'm not just an average sixteen-year-old girl, but a Rebel. Ready to lead my team into war, and possibly die a hero.
hellodearie hellodearie 3 years ago
This is pretty intriguing and I'm intersted to what happens next, I thought it maybe lacked some emotion and maybe just have a quick read throuh to check for typo's etc. Otheriwse I loved it and voted!!
TheReviewerx TheReviewerx 3 years ago
This is pretty good so far and captured my interest.....don't know if this is just me interpreting it wrong or if it's just a typo, but at the beginning it says: "The I see him" and I think you mean "Then I see him". Other than that minor error, good job :)
andzelahotmess andzelahotmess 3 years ago
I really like the whole idea of it, very original!

It's great!
ymarocks ymarocks 3 years ago
Whoa! This chapter has potentional. It flowed nicely, no mistakens and wonderful descriptions.
I enjoyed reading it.
Good writing...voted!
ihaveapetdinosaur ihaveapetdinosaur 3 years ago
this is really different :D
i love it. sorry it took me so long to check ur stuff out. lol
i will definetly continue on reading (:
your a good writer. 

The way the first paragraph flowed is really impressive. 
i could totally picture what she was seeing. ^^
WeAreAHurricane WeAreAHurricane 3 years ago
I felt so sad when her brother passed away :( This has a lot of potentions. The descriptions were good and really helped the story. I would get an editor though, becuase there are a couple of grammar and spelling mistakes. Nothing a little editing can't fix! I really liked it though :P