Lissette Isis and Theo Simons are opposites that don't attract. They thought tolerating each other's existence was tough, so they're definitely in for a real challenge when they find out they have to pretend to be in love with each other for the school play. One thing leads to another, and eventually things turn out a lot different than they were supposed to, and in this case, different isn't necessarily a good thing.
    A word of warning: I wrote this when I was 12-13. It's full of errors, bad plot points, cheesy lines, and shallow characters. I highly suggest you go read my other stuff instead.
                                    I WAS LIKE EW WTF INCEST NO
                                    THEN I WAS LIKE 
phew for a second there i thought theo was her brother but then i read the summary again and now i feel stupid woW
in year 1 I was a bush in the school play. it was the nativity and I was the bush in the scene where the 3 kings ride camels. I guess they ere really desperate to give everyone a part because FOR GOODNESS SAKES PEOPLE! YOU DONT GET BUSHES IN THE DESERT!
Hey wasn't this on Flipnote Hantena? I remember reading this and it stopped I'm so glad I get to finish reading this! :D
lol I love this "that  meant shit was about to go down" I don't get tired of this no matter how many times I read it
so engrossing..... that you cannot just stop reading till you are done! i love the way you write!