The Prostitute's Apprentice (Sci-fi Smackdown)

Warning contains swearing and sexual references in parts. A Street urchin finds herself abducted by a strange man in a Top hat. What does he want with her? And what does a prostitute have to do with it all? Find all the answers and more inside.
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to be honest, I was only lured by that nice book cover =)
he he. Well, I guess this story must be better than the pic.
This could be definately extended to create a novel I love it... I want more decription of the world, the characters... everything
Super use of vocabulary and the storyline stimulates the imagination considerably. Enjoyed chapter one very much and pleased to give it my vote
And part 2 80%, paragraph 2 line 1-2 there should be a had after still, but once again really good story thus far hope to read more
Part 2 48% working error on third or second paragraph from the bottom she should have been he, great book otherwise though
that was a really great story so far :3 i like it please continue with part three

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