The Prostitute's Apprentice (Sci-fi Smackdown)

2 Part Story 13.3K Reads 114 Votes
Alan By Alan Completed
Warning contains swearing and sexual references in parts. A Street urchin finds herself abducted by a strange man in a Top hat. What does he want  with her? And what does a prostitute have to do with it all? Find all the answers and more inside.
to be honest, I was only lured by that nice book cover =)
he he. Well, I guess this story must be better than the pic.
reading this I could honestly say you could write a whole novel from this short story... I want to learn more of the world; The sights, the smells, the lives of each character
Super use of vocabulary and the storyline stimulates the imagination considerably. Enjoyed chapter one very much and pleased to give it my vote

I read this but guess I had not voted, so I am doing so now :)
Very good start to a great book. would like  to read more has wonderful potential for a Whitechapel script.
@vanitycat - shame you ran out of time really. I reckon this one's very much worth a re-edit / finish off, it's got promise to be a really grand story, particularly with the bits you mentioned below included.