The Needle's Eye (novel preview)

When Emily, Delia and Elizabeth were children, their grandfather told them a story about an island castle that could be seen from the coast of their small village, though now hidden by a mysterious and constant fog that looms out over the water. A lord and his three sons lived there, and one day the lord called for young women to come from the village so that his sons might choose wives. Nine girls rowed out to the castle on the Needle’s Eye. None of them returned, and the lord’s family was never heard from again. The grandfather claimed that this story was true, but the three sisters outgrew the tale as time passed. Ten years later, following their grandfather’s death, the last ties that bind the sisters to the village – and each other – seem to be breaking. A careless mistake on the water leads them to be swallowed by the forbidden fog, and when they emerge on the other side, they discover that the island castle is not a myth. The mere innocence of a curious glimpse becomes a fight for survival when the girls are each cursed by one of the ghostly young men and are subjected to their wicked desires. They come to learn firsthand what happened to the other nine girls who never returned home so long ago. Their choice quickly becomes apparent: they can play the games of the three soulless men, or they can give in to death, never to see one another again.
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Really great story. I have been reading your works and they are always good. Keep it up!
Simply amazing. You have polished potential. It's incredible the way you weave words.
Where is the rest of the book? It stopped right after the grandfather died and the girls agreed to go thru the fog next day...,..??????
I am always astounded by your stories..I have read almost every single one.. Your an amazing writer
This story has me so drawn into it. I cant wait til more is uploaded. Hopefully soon.
The amount of detail and insight in this opening bit alone is absolutely fantastic! Looking forward to more. c:

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