Frustrated Lover (On Hold)

Alvin had been in-love with Isabel since he's a teenager. Isabel reciprocated his feelings and they had been married at age 22. However, due to Isabel's affair with another man, they divorced, resulting in Alvin having full custody of Aaron, the one who reminded Alvin of Isabel. He had the same hair, eyes, mouth and even the smile as her mother. After all, Aaron was their child. Nine years later, Alvin Schemer was a successful businessman, specializing in fashion design. His relationship with his family had been strained. He and his son were not in good terms. As much as possible, he distanced himself. It was what he could only think to cope with the pain after she divorced him. However, Alvin was beyond surprised when his first and only love, Isabel, returned to his and their son's life, claiming that she wanted to fix her mistakes. Would Alvin give her a chance? ---- This story is under major editing, so some chapters are removed while being edited. Changes to be expected: 1. Tenses of the verb 2. Dialogue more mature 3. More chapters coming 4. Technology is consistent to the year 5. Plot altered slightly
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Like the person before me saud there are a few spelling mistakes but they are nothing to worry about, great chapter XD
great chapter! It needs a quick run through for spelling but over all very good!
Great start there are a couple spelling mistakes and I think you switched tenses a couple of times but over all great start :)

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