Forever In Hell

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brooke the BLUE GUMMIE BEAR By nightlightlol13 Updated 2 years ago
Hell is a place like no other,some say thats what their life is but they never really know hell untill they've lived it.   
    erica was a normal teenager, she was popular,went to the best parties,was a cheerleader. but all that changes one night when she and her friends car crashes instanly killing her. as soon as she woke up she's been living in hell its all fine and dandy until the devil calls her into his office with a propastion.
    " ahh erica so nice to see you,how are you?"i looked at his blais'e pose hm i wonder what he wants 
    "im fine- look i was relaxing and watching souls come through what do you want"
    "i want you to marry me...."
    will she marry him or will he win her heart by giving her what ever she wants? ha fat chance erica will do everything in her power to go to heaven but what happens when devil dose something so amazing she starts to fall for him will erica get into heaven or will she fall in love with devil and be the queen forever in hell?
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