My Double Prince (Moe Kare by Ikeyamada Go)

☜♥☞ BASAHIN MUNA ITO BAGO ANG STORY!! WAG MAKULIT!! :)) This plot/story comes from a manga entitled "Moe Kare" by Ikeyamada Go. (You can read the manga at or It is not a plagiarism because I accredit the true owner of the plot/story, I only transfer it into a novel-like form and I also adds some extra scenes to attract readers. Hope you'll like it. "May Book II na rin po ito" ☜♥☞ . . . . . . . . ♥♥♥Vote And Comment kayo every Chapter KUNG GUSTO (walang pilitan)♥♥♥
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nabasa ko na to sa cp ko kala ko si chad na un pala c drake omg i love you drake
Nice! anime talaga :)

Mine's here.
ganda ng story mo :) sana na publish to bilang libro 
p.s here's mine please read:)
nakakakilig super !!!!!!!!!!!!! dati hindi ako addick sa ebook peru nanhg mabasa ko to tinuloy tuloy kona!!!!!!!!!!!!
nabasa ko na po ito dati sa cp ko... pero bakit nakakakilig parin ulit-ulitin?       }}]]o.o
This is one of my Favorite Story :) I have read this so many times na :3 :\"> Nakakainlove and Nakakatouch. Ang galing ni Author :* Saludo ako xD Lol

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