Nine Little Girls: an odd poem for the dark-minded

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Lani_Lenore By Lani_Lenore Updated 3 years ago
A dark free-verse poem that tells the story of nine girls who go their own way in the world instead of listening to the warnings of others.
RebelRebel96 RebelRebel96 a year ago
I really liked it. I liked how you fit all the bad things in this world into it
TheTornNightmare TheTornNightmare 2 years ago
I was secretly wondering which one I'd want to be but I'm actually glad I'm in my room and have these walls around me, when i'm reading it it's like the walls collapse and my sense of security has gone.
It's epic!
Mistress_Cookies Mistress_Cookies 2 years ago
It's horrifying, thrilling, and beautiful all twisted into one! Absolutely amazing! :D
celestialcity celestialcity 2 years ago
i've got to say, i absolutely love this. even though it would probably frighten my friends if i were to share this with them. ah well. *shrugs* can't please everyone.
FakeTruths FakeTruths 2 years ago
you should make these into nine chapters and edit them on your free time for fun... or when you have writers block. they have a lot of potential, but they are already very good! so do what you want
It was....thought provoking to say the least - you do have a rather interesting perspective on everything and I guess thats the reason you write so flawlessly and appeal to your readers so intriguing