Nine Little Girls: an odd poem for the dark-minded

A dark free-verse poem that tells the story of nine girls who go their own way in the world instead of listening to the warnings of others.
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It's horrifying, thrilling, and beautiful all twisted into one! Absolutely amazing! :D
Hmm.... I could've sworn I voted for this a while back... guess I didn't. But really good though, dark and creepy.
This was really...well, it's hard to describe in a good way. The best I can say is this is really conceptive and it makes me think.
The darkness of it amuses me... but then again, dark things amuse me. A really interesting piece of work
lovely use of morbidity. this poem is a gr8 example of how a story can not have a happy ending yet still have a happy reader <3
Woah, that was simply beautiful. In the most twisted and grusome way possible, of course. :)
~Sheep Grl

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