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JeseniaRosado By JeseniaRosado Updated 18 days ago
Riya is having a hard time dealing with the way life treats her. She continues to struggle with suicidal thoughts when Joe comes in to her life she realizes maybe things aren't as awful as she thought. But as their relationship grows she finds herself facing death and is forced to welcome it.
sarahsaleh87 sarahsaleh87 9 months ago
Planning to continue this story? It's somehow interesting and smooth but i think that we need to continue and aee what will happen ;) so again are u planning to keep writing on it?
Quidam_ Quidam_ 2 years ago
My name's Rhea. Honestly, I can really relate a lot, depressed and whatnot. Nice writing. :)
taintedpsych taintedpsych 2 years ago
I believe she is depressed and experiencing sucidial thoughts as well. She desires love and affection.Seems as if she never received it as a child.
I read dis den had tu sign up just tu comment..i absolutely love d book! Just go ova it n edit whr yHu think u ought tu..u r absolutely guud!