Producing Parents

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_erinscarr By _erinscarr Updated 2 years ago
Orphaned by multi-millionaires and barely legal to be in charge of the properties she’d inherited, Yana Williams is facing an uncanny responsibility of producing a new set of parents. This is to cover up the death of her real parents for an upcoming board meeting. Helped by her grandfather’s long time secretary Jean Lawrence, Yana will be able to set up two of her favorite professors by making up stories and having them agree to pretend to be a couple; without them actually knowing her real intentions. But the personal lives of her professors are getting in the way and keeping up with the lies they made is becoming harder than they all expected. Producing parents will surely take your world surprise.
EvaLau EvaLau 3 years ago
Thanks for the dedication Erin :)  I will come back later to check this out.
NinjaAssassin NinjaAssassin 3 years ago
Thanks for the dedication! This is a great start for the story too! :)