Post-Apocalyptic Barbie

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Dave Sprite By Dave Sprite Updated 3 years ago
Seeing Karla Simmons naked had been on the list—oh, yes, that had definitely been on the list. But she wasn't supposed to be dead and clawing at the bathroom door.
Okay, your title and the summary definitely piqued my curiosity. But hot damn do you know how to introduce a story! I've gotta say, awesome job, looks like there's hope for the writing world yet
What got me automatically was the summary. I was reading it, and I was thinking, 'Where is this going?' and then when I reached the very end, I thought, 'I gotta read this.' Glad I did. This is very engaging, and makes me already want to find out what's next. Brilliant job so far!
Kristen Stewart as herself? I see what you did there! Huffah. I like this story already.
Wow, I really love this. Barbie is so kickass. Dude....this is AMAZING. And it's fresh and new and chapter.
@MeekoKohaku     did you see who she dedicated the book to?! XD
This is so badass! I never thought I'd make it through a story with the protagonist being a girl in a pink tutu called Barbie but this is awesome as hell! A brilliant combination of horror, action, thriller and dark humour, lovin' it! This one's going on my reading list for sure!