I Was Dared to Love You (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

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unique-goddess By unique-goddess Updated 9 months ago
[COMPLETELY EDITED] Violet Jesperson was dared. But hey! Who doesn't like being dared? When she finds the dare is to fake date Draco Malfoy ... she wonders whether she'll be able to succeed in crushing his heart without killing the annoying git first.
TeliaKewl TeliaKewl 22 days ago
Im kind of mad at you right now but i want to see how well you do and this seems like itll be a good story soooo yeah (:
teengeekmess teengeekmess a month ago
If you we're still writing this book I would've had you're back haha those books are basically my religion
rosiexcupcakes rosiexcupcakes 2 months ago
I tried to read the book but I already watched the movies so yea  and when ever it don't know anything I just wiki it:)
andraws894 andraws894 2 months ago
I have read all of the books 5 times and watched the all  movies twice
Capncutiecx Capncutiecx 3 months ago
I've jk early only read the first three books but I seem all the movies with my friend for a all night movie things and I'm starting the fourth once I find it in my library
RachelDanna RachelDanna 3 months ago
Ha! people stealing story ideas! now that's what I call a bloody git. ==
once or twice someone stole my idea, I got pretty damn pissed at it so I reported her. heh.
but anyways! Story looks fantastic so far! :D - keeps on reading - (Harry Potter geek. -piaks- )