I Was Dared to Love You (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

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[COMPLETELY EDITED] Violet Jesperson was dared. But hey! Who doesn't like being dared? When she finds the dare is to fake date Draco Malfoy ... she wonders whether she'll be able to succeed in crushing his heart without killing the annoying git first.
Honestly, I'm completely fine with you not having read the books, don't fret! What I will say though is that I strongly recommend reading them! The movies (obviously) leave so much stuff out! Especially the last couple of movies. I know that's how all movies are, but the books add so much more!(:
It took me three years to finish the fifth book because it was so slow so stuff beyond that is hazy for me anyways :) it's okay love
Violet looks basically exactly like me with the brown hair, regretting the bangs, and the in between green and blue eyes except I'm like 5 inches taller! Mwahahaha
You know, Draco might be a git, but I really really like him
Omg someone understands the struggle of being short I swear, in 6th grade,  I was one of the tallest, then I stopped growing and everyone around just kind of continued 
Is it me or am I spending wayyyy to much time reading comments and posting them......?