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EpicCalian By EpicCalian Updated 3 months ago
He was a Playboy

For Andrea Jerson, Ken Romer Jeager would be the last homo sapien on earth that she would ever want to see. She hates every single detail about him; his hair, his nose, his lips, his smile and most of all his PLAYBOY image. But will everything change when her little dirty secret will be revealed? By the demicock himself, Ken Romer Jeager.

She was a nerd.

For Ken Romer Jeager, Andrea Jerson was far too innocent for him, and he´s superbly annoyed with every single thing she does; hating his nose, his lips, his hair, his smile and his PLAYBOY image. Will every thing change when Andrea, the goody-two-shoes discovers his little dirty secret?


Hey guys, sorry for deleting the original one, but I´d made sure that this one will be much better than the first. And it´s not any typical playboy-nerd story, it´s a lot more different. Just give it a try. Thanks!
lilkitkatlover lilkitkatlover 3 months ago
Do you have a picture of Ken? Cuz I have one in mind <3 he's all HOT.
lilkitkatlover lilkitkatlover 3 months ago
HAHAHAHA OH GOSH! This is fantastic! Amazing! :))) its real good :)
PoopNinjaLuvsBlood PoopNinjaLuvsBlood 4 months ago
Several misspellings but none of them change the story. Great job. I only wish the chapters were longer.
kimlet kimlet 4 months ago
I like how you express her feeling, but you should make I longer.. like say 4 pages. I'm just saying cause most people like to read longer stories. including moi
infinitely_finite infinitely_finite 4 months ago
Haha I'm loving it she's so fiesty, and it's weird bc my brothers called Ken lol :)
keepcalmanlovemadly keepcalmanlovemadly 4 months ago
Awesome! Though there were a few typos on the first page of the chapter. Pls update soon!