Jazmine Moore, aka Miss Playgirl, smart, has the body to die for, the wealth, and a party animal, so with that it seems that guys can´t help but just fall haplessly with her charm, wanting her more. Insert Ethan Jones in the frame, a Mr. Goody-two-shoes who has been Jaz´s device to get off from the claws of her boys because oh freaking gracious, she changes her boys more often than she changes her clothes. And what if one day, one of them wakes up realizing that they need to stop pretending to be a couple? Everything then, went up like a rollercoaster ride. Revised story of Mr. Right and the Playgirl 2012
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now this is different..... :)

i'll continue reading this on mobile.....but i sure comment if i think i should. :)
Wow nice work...i really like the concept. Just finished reading your story. Keep up the good work and update soon
Now!! Finally!!!!!!!!!! I found the twisted love story that I needed to read!!! AaWWW Ethan is really a nice guy :) I like Jaz... :)))
This story rockSSS!!!!! You really deserve MORE MORE MORE AND MORE readers!!! :DDD

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