ON HOLD - The Dirty Side of Liam Payne (Liam Payne FanFiction)

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Kari By LifeOnHold Updated 2 years ago
Charlotte Kingsley has a lot of secrets. They seemed rather petty and insignificant, but they were a part of her life that she wanted to leave behind. Her past. And she is determined not to get Liam involved in ANY of it, even if it does mean keeping a few from her boyfriend. So what if broken pieces of her past come back, haunting Lottie and making her do things she would never dream of doing? What if she needs to protect the ones that she loves, but she's sent into a spiral of crazy happenings? And what if she doesn't wan't to get out?
hahaha... tongue dancing... lol i immediately started sing to myself "and we danced al night to the best song ever" lol
I love this book and I really think it should be published in real life :) Keep up your good work and finish those two chapters girl!
It's really amazing! I have been reading it all day today! I havnt been able to stop! Cant wait till the next chapter!
DUMBHAIRSHIRE?! like in the adventurous adventures of one direction?! love that vid!
A girl name that would be awesome is Alivia (yes, an a) Barton or something and a guys could be Rafe Solomon. Idk they came to me.
Hiya! I wanna say that the title REALLY caught my attention. ;D And this is a good chappie. Your description was really good, the length is good. Overall amazing! Keep writing. xx