The Country Wolf (On Hold)

On one normal summer day I meet my mate. The next day I wake up to an empty bed and a broken heart. What happens when a year later I see him again? Only this time he has a girl hanging off his arm and I have his son on my hip.
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Wait does she have his mark since he claimed her. Also if he really left to "protect" her like he said, THEY WHY THE F*CK WAS HE DATING ANOTHER GIRL!?
Oh!! i hate those men! Dad is the one that raises you, not the one that gives you his DNA ¬¬
at least mason didnt use his mate and then leave her..he stuck by her even though he wasnt actually with her.
Brandon has no right, he lost a long time ago. Jason and her are cute together, I'm happy that he's there for her and Jacob :)
He had a girlfriend!!!??! If he had a good reason, he would not of had a girlfriend!! Pleeeeease upload
Sorry, but in my opinion he currently doesn't have a right to his son. Anyone can make a child. It takes a real man/woman to raise it.

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